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Remaster Harp

HOHNER Remaster Harp

Professional Harmonica Made in Germany. 10-hole, diatonic harp (based on HOHNER 360).

Available in key of C only. Available in three different designs (cover plates and pouches). Colored transparent ABS combs. Padded Harmonica pouches with press button closures. All Harmonicas come with an access code for 30 days free lessons at David Barrets www.bluesharmonica.com


Reed plates 0,9 mm brass
Number of holes 10
item name HOHNER 360°
type diatonic
Key C
tuning Richter
Reeds 20 brass
Cover surface stainless steel
Reed plate surface brass
Mouthpiece surface transparent ABS
Comb transparent ABS
Length 10,5 cm



Remaster Harp C POP Display

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Remaster Harp C Volume I

MO cena:
890 Kč /
33,00 €

Remaster Harp C Volume II

MO cena:
890 Kč /
33,00 €

Remaster Harp C Volume III

MO cena:
890 Kč /
33,00 €